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It all started nearly 70 years ago. There were 2 brothers, my father Giannis and his brother Nikitas.

Two beloved brothers, who from an early age showed their artistic nature and talent in artisan jewelry.

After the finishing their military national service, they established their first workshop with beautiful handmade jewelry, of their own creation. Their unique creations made of silver, gold and a variety of gemstones were sold in Greece and across Europe. Their successful course soon leads to the creation of their first retail store. Their jewelry are distinguished by their exquisite and ingenious kind of work, but also for their excellent craftsmanship, while their professionalism helps them develop and maintain relationships of trust with their customers, throughout the years... In the subsequent development of our family tradition in jewelry, let me not forget the invisible hero my brother Panagos who has always been by my side and my mother Anna, who with her great contribution as a colleague and friend, helped me become the person that I am today and I owe a large part of my professional career to her. As an empowered woman my mother Anna, undoubtedly greatly influenced and inspired my father. Soon afterwards she decided successfully to open and run her own jewelry retail store based in South Rhodes in the traditional village of Gennadi. Today this shop has been renovated and is operated by me and my wife Indre. The greatest gift in my life have been my children.

Indre has helped me with her knowledge, passion and love to a greater extent in further developing our family bussiness. Indre and I have been blessed with a beautiful family. With a retail store in Pefkos, of the picturesque Lindos and another in our village Gennadi we have decided after the encouragement of our customers in our first e-shop.

Jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most timeless personal items, as it can symbolize a very special moment in your life. In addition, a piece of jewelry gives the required elegance and prestige for a highly successful look. Visit us at or at our stores in Pefkos and Gennadi.

In our online store you will find our personal unique creations and from well-known brands at competitive prices that will give you life and colour to your appearance.

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